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Dance education is a creative adventure in self expression!
As a parent, you provide dance education for your child hoping to give them an experience which will enrich their lives on several levels which...

  • Enables your child to develop coordination, grace and physical fitness

  • Enables your child to stimulate his/her creative side and to develop self expression

  • Enables them to build their self esteem and confidence

  • Helps your child to develop a lifelong appreciation for music, dance, and the arts

  • And most importantly, to be engaged in an activity which is healthy and fun!


The goal of our classes is to provide you with all of this and more! You can be assured your child is getting a solid dance education and learning to love dance at the same time!



Classes are closed to visitors and parents are asked to wait outside the classroom to free the children to take risks with movement. Concentration and focus is much easier for students when the class can proceed without interruption. You can observe through the one-way mirror once a month from the 1st through the 7th. The studio doors are to remain closed while class is in session.


We want every child’s introduction to dance to be a positive one, and this means respecting every student’s independent learning styles. Some children learn by watching, and others will joyfully jump in to try something new. Shy children may need “Mom” to walk them into class or even stay a while. Whatever your child’s learning style, we will work to make them comfortable with initiating this new activity.


Often a child needs to know what is expected of them, or needs time to adjust to a new space or teacher so they will feel safe or comfortable. We never force or push a child to participate. Select repetition of exercises, a familiar class format and careful explanations will eventually make joining the fun easy for every child. If your child needs time to just watch when new exercises are introduced, don’t be alarmed. They are still learning, just taking their time, deciding how they feel about the experience. We feel patience and encouragement will always lead to a healthy love for dance. We do not pressure any child. When it’s the child’s idea to dance, it will come from the heart!


From the moment a dancer steps into the studio, we teach them to honor and respect dance. Proper dance class etiquette is observed and respect for others is encouraged. Listening and following directions is the first step towards learning. Students are expected to participate in all the activities and are not allowed to wander around the room or distract others. Learning to dance is not about “discipline” (a word which often has bad connotations) but about “self-discipline.” We are firm about proper behavior in class because with focus and self-control we create an atmosphere where creativity can surface and bloom.


Traditional dance is taught, but sometimes it is best introduced in nontraditional ways. Our children’s classes are designed with emphasis on creative expression and physical awareness. Each class blends a variety of exercises to enhance the following skills.


It may look like playing, but learning about shape while molding their body to look like a clay form or discovering space while creating statues teaches your child about concepts of movement through space. Studies prove creative dance is the most beneficial form of dance training for children under 8, and we take the theory to new heights. Self expression, physical exploration, and tons of fun are discovered with creative exercises that teach traditional dance concepts in non-traditional ways. We make dance a theatrical adventure for your child.


With all the fun, we insert exercises for posture and carriage to make learning to move with grace and control easy and natural. Physical conditioning and body development improves as your child works on safe exercises, stressing physical awareness and coordination. We make sure your child’s dance education is complete without the need of harsh discipline or mundane repetition. Dance is embraced as a joyful experience, making your child ready for more structure and personal discipline after the basics are learned.



We are committed to teaching dance in a positive way and this encourages us to teach the basics with imagery and creative methods.  We teach proper foot placement and body alignment. With props and games we introduce dance terms and basic technique. Your child will learn their basics, camouflaged in activities which are inspirational and fun. As they grow, they will embrace the discipline and challenge of dance out of a love for the craft.


All music used in youth classes are age appropriate and inspirational for the children enrolled. Music awareness in encouraged as your child is introduced to a variety of music from classical, upbeat instruments, to jazz, to Broadway tunes and pop. Of course, children’s favorites like Disney songs and other popular children’s artists are used as well. Musical instruments, rhythm and tempo exercises and dancing games are used to teach rhythm basics. Exploring rhythm and tempo with rhythm sticks makes understanding music easy and fun!

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